Plans that scale with you

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$150 / month
  • Online Ordering
  • Proposals and Invoicing
  • Kitchen Reports
  • Dedicated Onboarding Agent
  • Website Builder + Blog
  • 1.5% Transaction Fee


$250 / month
  • 2 Ordering Systems
  • Cooking Reports
  • Delivery Reports
  • Labeling System
  • Integration to Macro Database
  • 1.5% Transaction Fee


$750 / month
  • All in Bloom +
  • 5 Ordering Systems
  • Point-of-Sale (POS)
  • Proposal and Invoicing
  • KPI Tracking Analytics Integration
  • Reduced Transaction Fee*


$100 / month
  • Online Ordering
  • Website Builder + Blog
  • All Cooking Reports
  • All Fulfilment Reports
  • Dedicated Customer Support Agent
  • 2.0% Transaction Fee


$225 / month
  • All in Seed+
  • 2 Ordering Systems
  • Labeling System
  • Integration to Macro Database
  • Access to Retail Systems
  • 1.5% Transaction Fee


$675 / month
  • All in Bloom +
  • 5 Ordering Systems
  • Point-of-Sale (POS)
  • Proposal and Invoicing
  • KPI Tracking Analytics Integration
  • Reduced Transaction Fee*

Need an upgrade to your plan?

Since we built Sprwt to be modular, we can add or remove any feature you’d like at any time. No matter what plan you’re on, if you need a feature we can activate. If we don’t have it, we will build it for you!

Do you want to reduce your transaction fee? No problem. We'll work with you.

  • Catering
  • Sprout
  • Bloom
  • Orchard
Ordering SystemsCatering235
Website Builder
Dynamic Menu Rotation
Auto-Cutoff Time
Automated Meal Selector
Recipe Builder
User Allergen and Dislike
Portion sizes
Automated Kitchen Reports
Delivery and Fulfillment Reports
Subscription Management
Label Generator
Advanced Sales Report
Retail POS
Franchise System
Digital Wallet
Digital Gift Cards
Loyalty Program
Referral Program
Reseller Program
Google Analytics Pro
SMS Platform
SMS Preset Groups
Scheduled SMS
SMS Bulk Messaging
Email Automation
Newsletter Integration
Checkout As
Sprwt Processing Fee1.5% Fee*1.5% Fee*1.5% Fee*1.35% Fee*
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Pickup Location

$10 / month

Want to offer your customers additional pickup locations? Perhaps partnering with a local business like a gym can help reduce your delivery costs while increasing your market reach. Add a Pickup location to start growing your business.

Retail Location

$50 / month

Want to expand your operations internally or partner with a vendor to redistribute your food? With our Retail and Wholesale system you can. Plus with the Grab & Go feature your customers can order online and pickup at the store with real-time stock management. 

Kitchen Location

$150 / month

Interested in working with another vendor or franchise your brand? With our multi-kitchen system you can create different cooking reports, delivery reports, and menus per location. Giving you the ability to customize your brand any way you want and go global.

Catering & Proposals

$150 / month

Do you operate a catering business model and are looking to have everything managed under one platform. With Sprwt you can create proposals, send invoices, and create a menu for customers to place online orders. You’ll receive reports to tell you what to cook, drop off, view and manage events, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sprwt is 100% code-free. Our system is set up within minutes and requires no coding skills or design skills. All you need is access to your website hosting provider and we will walk you through the entire onboarding process. You can get your site live and generate sales with just a few click.

Want to keep your current site and platform but also want Sprwt to manage your online ordering for catering? We’ve got two potential solutions.

1. Just plug and play our link and add it on your site.
2. Create a subdomain for your site (ordering.website.com) and point it to our servers on your hosting platform.

Need help? Our IT team can assist you throughout the entire process.

Our average client launches in under a week; with the average time from setup to launch in roughly four business days. Need to get your site launched in less time? Awesome! We’ve launched some clients as quickly as two days. All we need from you is your menu and branding and we’re set! Want to learn more about our customer’s journey? Read their case studies to see how we helped them and we can help you.

Absolutely, we are eager to help! Not only do we have a comprehensively detailed knowledge base available 24/7, but our customer success team is on standby every day to help you with any questions, training, and consulting services to help you grow your business.

Sprwt has multiple plans designed for every stage of a meal prep business. Looking to start off with all the core reports and an ordering system? We recommend you sign up for the $250 Sprout Plan to get started. We also charge a 1.5% platform fee.  Need a few more features so you can customize your orders, create subscriptions and more? Check out our Pricing Page to see which plan is best for you and your business’s needs or Schedule a Demo to learn more about which plan is right for you!

Absolutely not! We stand behind what we built and if at any time for whatever reason you do not feel like Sprwt is working for you, you can request to cancel your subscription. There are no cancellation fees, no additional paperwork requirements. Just email our support team and cancel your subscription.

Sprwt currently utilizes Stripe as its payment processor solutions. Stripe charges a 2.9% + 30c fee on all transactions. To learn more about processing fees please visit stripe.com/pricing.

Sprwt charges a 1.5% application fee on all transaction. Please note, we are willing to work with everyone and provide a solution that works best for you and your business.

At Sprwt we continuously build new features aimed to help improve your business operations and increase your revenue. We charge your customers a $1.50 transaction fee on any order over $10.

At the current time we do not offer any trials from any purchase directly on the site. However, if you’d like to purchase a 3-month commitment or more we can put a 1 week trial on the initial payment. Schedule a Demo to learn more about which plan is right for you!