Maximize Your Post-Pandemic Sales

Summer is here and we are finally beginning to enjoy the freedoms of a pre-pandemic world. As vaccines are distributed, we can all start to look forward to dining in at our favorite restaurants once again. But what does all of this mean for the meal prep industry? Will your sales stay afloat as your customers return to in-person dining?

Luckily, Sprwt has some noteworthy features that will help you to ensure you are still making those crucial sales. Leave it to us to provide you with the tools necessary to keep business booming throughout the summer months.

Want the luxury of expanding to multiple pickup locations? Adding an additional location can help you to gain new customers, as well as make life easier for the ones you already have. It’s typically a location owned by a third-party entity and can be used by your company as a spot for your customers to retrieve their orders. Learn how to apply this cool feature to your business.

Do you feel like communicating with your customers is a little inaccessible? Our built-in SMS system is here to fix this. We will help you group your customers into relevant sets and send them their respective updates. No longer will you rely only on emails to communicate with your customers. Learn more about how to incorporate this feature into your business.

You can also improve your customer communication using our email marketing features. We are partnered with Mailerlite and directly implement their system to ensure you have the best possible communication with your customers. Never again will you fear that your customers have been left in the dark. Leave it to us to ensure your buyers are always up-to-date on what’s happening with your business.

Don’t let your sales fall short in our new post-Covid world. Let us help you grow and expand your business with these exciting features that are sure to keep sales up throughout these next crucial months.