6 Ways to Get More Customers to Your Meal Prep Delivery Business

Your business is growing, that’s great! You might be wondering what are some ways to get new customers to your business. Here are 6 simple ways to make that happen!

1. Word of Mouth: If you already have happy customers, utilize them! Give them an incentive to talk about you with their friends. Create a referral program or set up a rewards system. 

2. Email Marketing: The beauty of this is that you already have a network to start with. When someone comes to your website looking for meals you can add a pop up to collect emails and offer them incentives. This way if they don’t purchase your meals right at that moment you can always reach out to them. You can also send newsletters to your list of collected email addresses, and bring back customers who have discontinued your service. 

3. Google Ad Words: Is someone searching on Google for a meal prep delivery service in your city right this moment? Yes. If you’re not popping up on Google, chances are they are going to your competition. Make sure your SEO is up to par otherwise you’re missing out on customers who are already looking for you but don’t know that you exist!

4. Social Media: Ok, this one is obvious. Do you have a Facebook and Instagram page? Great! You don’t? Better get on that. It’s a good way to spread word of mouth and connect with your existing customers. It’s also a good way to showcase your food and brand yourself as a company. You can also use hashtag and location targeting to find new customers and take a more proactive approach.

5. Facebook Ads: Similar to Google Ads but this one is on Facebook, you can target customers friends, or use your website Pixel to pull data and target people on Facebook. The uses are endless! Not sure how to do this yourself? Speak to an expert. 

6. Text Message Marketing: Once you have your customers number, use it to optimize more sales.

We know marketing can be daunting, especially if you’re not tech savvy. Luckily, we’re always here to help. Just send us a message here and we’ll get back to you! 

Article specially written for sprwt.io

By Gila Bard-Wigdor